Phylene Lemans

Phylene Lemans is a Dutch designer who has been specializing in all kinds of feltmaking since 2007. Felt is one of the oldest textiles in the world. Felt is the result of entangled wool fibres, it is a non woven textile. 

Making felt requires only wool, water and soap, thus by exposing wool fibres to friction, the fibres are entangled and interlocked. Wool is a renewable material , together with a craftsmen’s way of working making felt a sustainable textile.

'Nuno' is the Japanese word for 'fabric'. The very fine (merino) wool is often worked into the sheer silk or cotton fabric which makes the felt very light and thin or more dense and sturdy, but always pleasant to wear. 

Wool is often combined with raw silk or silk fabrics. As well as linen, ramie, hemp, and such sustainable fibre as banana silk.

2017   Felt EXPO  Arnhem

2015   Opening of the Shop Felt Amsterdam, in complex De Hallen, A'dam

2014   Art in Action, Oxford, UK

2014   Knit & Stich Event, Londen

2013   Landleven Event, Openluchtmuseum Arnhem

2013   Landgoed Fair De Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt, Beesd

2013   QUILT Expo Veldhoven

2013   Art in Action, Oxford, UK

2012   Expositie en modeshow in Kruythuis, Den Bosch

2012   Publication: "Felting is for me.." ISBN 978-90-818476-0-5

2012    Art in Action, Oxford, UK

2011    ART in Maastricht (NL)

2010    Opening Boutique " Artwear Jordaan", Amsterdam

2010    Article  in magazine Happinez